Sing Up Egg Shakers

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Pack of 6 or 30 colourful quality Sing Up branded egg shakers.

Perfect for handheld percussion work with primary-aged classes including early years.

Colours are selected at random and include: orange, purple, pink, white, yellow, green, blue, red.

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Sing Up Egg Shakers
Sing Up Egg Shakers

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    Egg shakers are a great starter hand-held percussion instrument for young children. Easy to hold in small hands and very manageable while children are developing their fine motor skills, egg shakers will provide a fun and engaging alternative to body percussion as you begin to teach the basics of rhythm and pulse to your pupils.

    Egg shakers are also a ‘proper’ percussion instrument in their own right and are used by musicians for studio recordings and live performances. They can be played in a number of ways and make slightly different sounds depending on how you shake them. You can also make a unique sound by shaking with your hand closed tightly around it and then opening it. They’re fun to experiment with to hear the different timbres they can produce.

    Use in conjunction with Sing Up resources, especially Sing Up Music for teaching the primary music curriculum.

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