The Singing School Handbook

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Our award-winning practical handbook guides schools on a journey towards becoming a Singing School. It includes planning tools, case studies and troubleshooting alongside warm-ups, games and song ideas.

The book will support the head teacher and school to discover the wide-ranging benefits of singing for themselves whilst developing high-quality singing and vocal leadership.


The Singing School Handbook is an award-winning how-to guide to help teachers and singing leaders working within school settings take appropriate steps towards making their school a Singing School. With universally transferable principles, suggestions and strategies, the book provides a framework that applies to any educational setting or school structure from the ages of 4-11, and beyond.

A Singing School is a place where singing is right at the heart of school life and where the whole school community knows and can describe what difference singing makes to their school. Becoming a Singing School motivates everyone to work together towards a common goal while taking part in an activity they can all do and enjoy – singing.

With fewer hours being allocated to arts subjects and less provision for music in school life, The Singing School Handbook gives you a way of incorporating music into everyday learning. It shows you how singing is not something you necessarily need to set extra time aside for, but that it can be used to enhance the teaching of core subjects and, at the same time, improve pupil engagement, self-esteem, teamwork and school morale.


OUTSTANDING MUSIC EDUCATION RESOURCE 2020 Winner: The Singing School Handbook - Faber Music & Sing Up

Praised by the judges as "an accessible, rich resource, crystallising a 15-year body of work. A fantastic combination of philosophy and practicality."


“Whether you’re a class teacher or a specialist music teacher, this excellent book is a MUST-HAVE in your school. I am sure this is a handbook we will refer to again and again in our quest to embed singing into the heart of our school.”

“This book truly is a must for every educator who wants to bring singing, positivity and well-being into the everyday life of their school.”

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