The School Musicals Company Bundle


Save ~25%! This bundle includes your chosen musical and nativity, digital downloads, performance & filming licence, 5 CD pack, and FREE shipping.

Save ~25% with this bundle by choosing a musical and a nativity from The School Musicals Company’s catalogue of fantastic contemporary shows.

With this bundle you'll get:
* a The School Musicals Company musical of your choice
* a The School Musicals Company nativity of your choice
* digital downloads for your chosen musical and the nativity
* a year’s performance licence and a filming licence for each
* 5 extra practice CDs
* FREE shipping

Musicals available are:

Doctor Dolittle and the Monkey Mayhem Duration: 60 mins | Speaking Roles: 33 | Cast Size: 25-60 | Ideal Cast Size: 40 | Ages: 8-13
Doctor Dolittle And The Monkey Mayhem is a feast of fun and perfect for a young cast of energetic performers.
Kitty Whittington Duration: 70 mins | Speaking Roles: 31 | Cast Size: 18-60 | Ideal Cast Size: 45 | Ages: 9-13
Perfect for 9-13 year olds, this brand new musical re-interpretation of Dick Whittington brings the story alive with an action-packed script, a host of memorable characters and ten brilliant new songs.
Pantastic Duration: 70 mins | Speaking Roles: 33 | Cast Size: 20-60 | Ideal Cast Size: 34 | Ages: 9-13
Take to the air with the intrepid Darling children in this thrilling contemporary musical adaptation of the timeless classic.
Paws and Claws Duration: 70 mins | Speaking Roles: 35 | Cast Size: 20-50 | Ideal Cast Size: 35 | Ages: 9-13
Join a gang of wily cats and a group of fearless dogs as they prepare to do battle for the turf at the back of the bakery. A purrfect school musical for 9-13 year olds. A purrfect school musical for 9-13 year olds.
Who's Your Mummy? Duration: 60 mins | Speaking Roles: 33 | Cast Size: 25-60 | Ideal Cast Size: 40 | Ages: 8-13
With dozens of wonderful characters, a sensational, original score and a visionary script, 'Who's Your Mummy?' is an enthralling musical adventure just screaming to be performed.
Wiz Wham Alakazam Duration: 40 mins | Speaking Roles: 30 | Cast Size: 20-70 | Ideal Cast Size: 40 | Ages: 5-9
With eight wonderful, original songs, a captivating script and a story which illuminates numerous PSHE topics, ‘Wiz Wham Alakazam’ is a musical of truly magical proportions.


Nativities available are:

Follow The Star Duration: 30 mins | Speaking Roles: 45 | Cast Size: 20-80 | Ideal Cast Size: 50 | Ages: 4-7
Niki Davies’s wonderful new nativity sparkles with charm and twinkles with humour in a beautiful re-telling of the traditional story.
Hooray In A Manger Duration: 30 mins | Speaking Roles: 24 | Cast Size: 20-60 | Ideal Cast Size: 40 | Ages: 5-9
Godfrey Humps, the world’s first three-humped camel, strides towards Bethlehem in this wonderfully entertaining and joyful nativity.
Is There A Baby In There? Duration: 20 mins | Speaking Roles: 19 | Cast Size: 20-40 | Ideal Cast Size: 30 | Ages: 3-7
This delightful Christmas musical takes a new look at the Nativity story through the eyes of the animals. 
Stable By Starlight Duration: 30 mins | Speaking Roles: 30 | Cast Size: 20-80 | Ideal Cast Size: 50 | Ages: 3-7
Niki Davies’ beautiful new nativity, perfectly pitched for 3-6 year olds, will charm children and adults alike with its delightful nativity script and seven unforgettable songs.
The Amazing Advent Calendar Duration: 50 mins | Speaking Roles: 52 | Cast Size: 30-80 | Ideal Cast Size: 60 | Ages: 5-11
A gripping script and eight brilliant, original songs divided across the year-groups make ‘The Amazing Advent Calendar’ the perfect whole school Christmas production. Great if you are looking for a nativity for Primary school.
The Inn Crowd Duration: 35 mins | Speaking Roles: 54 | Cast Size: 30-70 | Ideal Cast Size: 50 | Ages: 5-9
The Inn Crowd takes a fresh, funny, furry look at the nativity story, complete with seven brilliantly catchy new songs and a host of groovy characters.
The Little Blue Star Duration: 20 mins | Speaking Roles: 26 | Cast Size: 20-40 | Ideal Cast Size: 30 | Ages: 3-7
Over a stable in Bethlehem, the Little Blue Star discovers that no matter how different we are, we are all as important as each other and special in our own way.
The Lucky Owl Duration: 20 mins | Speaking Roles: 21 | Cast Size: 18-40 | Ideal Cast Size: 30 | Ages: 3-7
With seven lovely songs and a simple script, this delightful musical play is perfect as a nativity play for early years or if you are looking for nativity plays for infants.
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