Percussion Plus Harmony Soprano Diatonic Metallophone

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This Percussion Plus Metallophone has a sturdy wooden base with prime quality removable aluminium notebars.

The Percussion Plus Harmony Soprano Metallophone has a range of C52 – A73. Whilst this instrument is a 13 note diatonic set it does also contain 2 x F# and 1 x Bb which enables you to play in the keys of either F or G major expanding the repertoire enormously.

The note bars are produced from aluminium and are accurately tuned. They are then mounted onto a solid ply resonator box which provides a good rounded tone. The build quality is solid and lasts well in general classroom use. The box has a wooden lip on each side which makes it easy to pick up and move.

Features / Specifications:

  • 16 prime quality removable aluminium notebars (13 diatonic notes + 2xF# and 1xBb)

  • Note range C52 to A73

  • Set in a wooden resonator box

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